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Canva Tips And Tricks That Save My Life As A Freelance Digital Creator

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tips and tricks for using Canva

10 Things Canva Does That Save My Life

To be honest, Canva is a tip and trick in itself for anyone who has to create anything. It's the type of program I wish I had years ago, trying to create really cool things with really not-cool technology.

I, like so many of you, hesitate to pay for premium versions of any program that you can get for free - but with Canva I upgraded and never looked back. If you're on the fence about why you might need Canva or if you should upgrade, I hope that this post with some must-know Canva hacks shed some light on your decision.

Good news too - Canva is updating ALL the time with better ways to get designs done. Have a favorite Canva tip that we don't talk about here? Definitely leave the tip in the comments below for us!

The 10 key Canva tools for digital creators that you'll learn how to use in this post are:

  1. How to use the automatic distance measurement tool to create flawless symmetrical designs.

  2. What the download current page feature does and how to use it to save some time.

  3. How to publish and schedule Pinterest Pins directly from Canva.

  4. How to connect your Google Drive to Canva (bonus: what other storage tools you can connect to Canva)

  5. What mockups are and how to create them in a few clicks with Canva Smart Mockup

  6. How to save time with Canva's Brand Kits

  7. How to upload custom fonts to Canva

  8. Two ways to easily create transparent backgrounds for designs and images

  9. Canva Magic Resize tool

  10. Organization tools for your designs

Okay, let's start! P.S. If you want to try premium features for free for 30 days - you can do that here!

1. Canva's Automatic Distance Measurement

When this 2022 Canva feature came out I literally jumped for joy.

I don't know what it's actually called, but, if you have two elements that are a certain distance apart, you can now automatically recreate that distance between the following two elements.

For example, if you want to create a series of lines that are a little bit spaced (think like lined loose-leaf paper), it will register that that's what you're trying to do and a ruler will pop up and help you place the next line at the same distance from the current line as the current line is from the one before it.

That's a lot of language, so here's a picture of this Canva feature to summarize:

tips to use canva

Sure, this might not be the Canva trick that takes your digital content creation business to the next level, but it will save you a ton of time.

I don't even want to explain what I used to go through to make sure designs were spaced perfectly. (We can talk later if you really want to know that Canva hack😵.)

I design planner pages all the time to organize my life, and it was getting so annoying.

2. Download Current Page

When you create as many graphics as I do, you tend to keep them all on the same Canva design. Even though you can organize everything into folders—thank goodness—I think it's easier to keep similar designs on one sheet.

Like a template.

However, that sheet gets long.

My Pinterest Pin design for this blog is nearing the triple digits. So when I hit that "download" button, I had to scroll forever to the right page.

I usually forgot which page that was, so then I'd have to ex out and start all over.

Now, you can hit "download current page" and never think twice.