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Healthy Ways to Show Yourself And Others Love on Valentine's Day

Updated: Jan 28

This blog post is all about throwing out the idea that you have to be sad when you're single on Valentine's Day. I've always disliked this narrative because Valentine's Day should be about LOVE, period! I see it as so much more than a day with your bae.

Of course, this is fantastic and our relationships should be celebrated. But showing ourselves and the other people in our lives some extra love on Valentine's Day makes my heart smile a justttt a little bit wider.

Even if you do have plans with boo, the ideas in this list are easy healthy ways to show love on Valentine's Day (or Valentine's Week, let's be real) that add some brightness and relaxation to your day and those around you.

They don't take long, but they do go a long way. So grab some candy, throw on some pink, and feel the love!

1) Love Yourself: Epsom Salt Bath

One of my favorite methods of training recovery, the Epsom salt bath doubles as a "me-time" relaxation method that is just perfect for Valentine's Week. It feels nice to be in a calming bath and it also has great benefits like helping with soothing muscles and relaxing the body. I always feel a little fresher after!

I use Dr. Teal's, which comes in many different scents so its always possible to find one that you love. My personal favorite? The Lavender scented Foaming Bath. I definitely recommend this for a lovely bubble bath experience that also relaxes achy, sore muscles.

Dr. Teal's also has a variety of pure Epsom salts. Scoop about 2 cups of the salt into the running bath water while you wait for it to fill and you're good to soak for 10-20 minutes.

2) Have A Latte With A Friend

Holidays are the perfect excuse to treat yourself to that fancy coffee you might not normally indulge in. Heading to the coffee shop might be a typical occurrence for you, but in the spirit of Valentine's Day many shops have festive drinks. I know I can't help myself!

In 2021, coffee dates look a little different. I kept this on the list just in case you can safely have coffee dates with cute Valentine's drinks this year. Some places definitely offer food and drink to go, so this might be a good option and also supports businesses.

This absolutely gorgeous pink latte is a Rose Latte, done at Cafe Georgetown in DC. I am just obsessed with their fun, festive drinks! They have amazing latte art year round. (You know I was there for a pumpkin spice latte in the Fall!)

Better yet, this location is a laptop free zone and when I had this delicious latte in 2020 I enjoyed it over conversation with one of my very best friends. It was a much needed "Galentine's Date," for catching up and not thinking about work.

Also I learned that you can swallow rose petals and be okay..?

This Beet Latte is done by Bluestone Lane in DC. Its not necessarily Valentine's Day themed, but it is pink and it is a unique, fun drink to try! It wasn't too sweet, but it was made with almond milk and mocha shavings which paired just so well with the Earthy tones of the beets.

3) Write Yourself a Love Letter

Sound's cheesy....but I promise it's only a little cheesy. Valentine's Day doesn't have to be about romantic love always; making it about building a relationship with yourself is important too! Good self-relationships help your relationships with others and make you overall happier and healthier.

So in the spirit of Love Day, remind yourself why you matter and focus on the things that make you special. I'm keeping my letter to myself, but here's some tips that got me started:

  • What's something you've struggled with lately? Write a list of all the ways you've shown improvement.

  • What's making you happy in life?

  • What are you grateful for?

Once you start, ideas will flow and soon you’ll have a wonderful “love letter” to yourself. Reflection is key!

4) Schedule Calls or FaceTime To Catch Up With People

If quarantine taught me anything, its that scheduling calls with family and friends is a productive habit. I often ignore calls when I'm busy or don't even think about scheduling them. I always feel like I'm too busy and I shouldn't take the time out of my day for catch-up calls.

Catching up with friends via Facetime or a call is such a great way to feel the power of love and friendship in your life! You don't have to schedule 45 calls for Valentine's Day, but make it a priority to schedule a few with friends in the upcoming weeks.

Make a recommitment to prioritizing long distant friendships (or family relationships) this Valentine's Day.

5) Make Homemade Healthy Treats

Let's be honest: the best part about V-Day is actually the sweets! Only kidding...partially. Regardless, dig into all the candy your heart desires and maybe try out that new baking recipe from your favorite Instagram Foodie that you've been eyeing.

Loads of sweets can be a blast, but it can also get heavy really quickly around the holidays. Take a break from the candy hearts and cupcakes with some healthier homemade desserts. There are a ton of recipes for no bake cookies, protein balls, and simple ingredient bars.

With chocolate chips, nuts, dried fruit and other yummy ingredients all rolled up into one you get a delectable treat that feels like a dessert but has less sugar and some added nutritional benefits. I make some variation of these super customizable protein chia balls several times a month because they make great between meal snacks and after dinner sweets!

6) Do A Partner Workout

Finding a fun, creative workout is always a heart-heathy idea. In honor of the holiday, turn your exercise into a partner workout with your significant other or a close friend! Partner workouts are a fun way to work up a sweat and and spend some quality time with someone you care about.

Need some partner workout ideas? Search for great ideas on Instagram or YouTube.

MadFit by Maddie Lymburger has some of my favorite workouts that are easy to follow along with.

7) Make A Pink Smoothie

Get festive with a healthy smoothie! Treat yourself to something sweet and still get a serving of fruit, protein, and other good stuff.

And of course, you have to make your smoothie pink or red! Easily done with a hearty helping of raspberries or strawberries. Another way to make your smoothie pink is with beet powder! Beets are full of fiber and vitamin C and are even known for the ability to help oxygen flow through your blood. Great for recovery and great for making you feel good!

Other ways to make your Valentine's Day smoothie a special treat:

  • Top with dark, milk, or white chocolate shavings

  • Add a cherry on top

  • Use blood oranges in the smoothie and as a pretty topper

These Valentine's Day smoothies are just to die for!

8) Cook Dinner With Your Roommates/Partners

Cooking with family and friends is truly a great way to bond. Whether you cook all the time or not, there's something therapeutic about creating something with your own hands and working with a team to do it. Google something you guys have really wanted to try, or make your own night with a build-a-taco or pizza night!

If you're really really not into cooking, Hello Fresh or Blue Apron are services that deliver everything you need to make a meal (including simple step-by-step instructions) right to your door! If you're a first time user, they often offer really good deals too.

Grab your pal and get to cooking!

9) Take A Long Walk In Nature With Bae (and your pup!)

After the covid pandemic hit, going on walks was like the new happy hour! If you haven't picked up the craze yet, Valentine's Day is a great place to start because a long walk with your partner, your friend, or your best furry pal makes for great QT.

Picking new hiking trails has become one of my favorite ways to hang out with my boyfriend and surprise our dog with a new adventure! Not only is the fresh air and the exercise great, it also grows appreciation for nature.

Being in nature helps me slow down and reminds me of the simple things in life. Make Valentine's Day about your love for the planet and the space you exist in- it's worth it!

Hoping you find healthy and productive ways to share some love for yourself and those around you this Valentine's Day! Make love a habit by using these ideas all year round, too.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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