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Healthy Ways to Show Yourself And Others Love on Valentine's Day

Updated: Aug 3

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays.

Save your excuses of "it's manufactured to make money" and "it's only fun if you're not single."

I don't want that energy.

This blog post is all about throwing out the idea that you have to be sad when you're single on Valentine's Day or that it's a random day made up to get you to buy chocolate.

If the world is handing out an excuse for people to give you nice things on a random day of the week, run with it.

Not away from it.

Plus, this narrative that Valentine's Day is about getting gifts from significant others is boring. I'm over that (I've always disliked this narrative TBH) because Valentine's Day should be about LOVE, period!

Of course, relationships are fantastic and they should be celebrated.

I'll I'm saying is that showing yourself and other people you care about who aren't necessarily bae is a major act of putting good vibes into the universe.

The same thing day to day can be a little bit bleak, so use V-day as a nice reminder to do some things that make hearts smile just a little bit wider.

9 ideas for showing love on valentine's day

9 Quick & Easy Ways To Show Love On Valentine's Day

Here I've collected 9 super easy and healthy activities that you can do for yourself or for others on Valentine's Day that don't involve spending hundreds of dollars or take up a ton of time.

Bring some brightness and relaxation to your day and those around you with these quick and easy ideas.

And these are by no means limited to just Valentine's Day my friend. Whenever you need a little TLC, head to this list.

They don't take long, but they do go a long way. So grab some candy, throw on some pink, and feel the love!

1) Love Yourself: Epsom Salt Bath

self love idea epsom salt bath

One of my favorite methods of training recovery, the Epsom salt bath doubles as a "me-time" relaxation method that is just perfect for Valentine's Week.

It feels nice to be in a calming bath and it also has great benefits like helping with soothing muscles and relaxing the body. I always feel a little fresher after!

I use Dr. Teal's, which comes in many different scents so it's always possible to find one that you love.

My personal favorites?

  • The Lavender scented Foaming Bath.

  • Eucalyptus & Spearmint salts

  • Wellness Therapy with rosemary and mint salts

I definitely recommend the foaming bath for a lovely bubble bath experience that also relaxes achy, sore muscles.

The Dr. Teal's pure Epsom salts are great too. Scoop about 2 cups of the salt into the running bath water while you wait for it to fill and you're good to soak for 10-20 minutes.

2) Have A Latte With A Friend

Holidays are the perfect excuse to treat yourself to that fancy coffee you might not normally indulge in.