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How To Make A Motivational Planner Dashboard To Perfect Your Daily Planner

Having a planner to organize your daily life is one thing...but I believe that your planner should also be a place for motivation! And one thing that really helps make that happen is a planner dashboard.

I've been using A5 rings, B6 rings, and mini HP planners for the last several months. Rings allows me to customize the planners to my hearts desires, and learning how to make a planner dashboard really helped me bring them to perfection.

Looking to spruce up your daily planner? This is how to do it.

What Is A Planner Dashboard?

A planner dashboard is usually a cardstock or plastic page insert for your planner. It can also be paper and other fun craft materials (like vellum).

Instead of serving as a planner page that you can fill out, a planner dashboard is a design. Having a planner dashboard breaks up the typical planner pages. It allows you to put your own personal touch on your planner.

While some planner dashboards are purely aesthetic, it's also really common for them to be motivational.

Maybe they have a motivational quote on them. Or they act as kind of a vision board.

Either way, they allow you to add some personal flair and style to your planner.

I know I said that they're for design, but they actually can be functional too. I've seen some with pockets in them or places to hold planner supplies such as sticky notes.

And they can be wherever you want them in your planner! Use them to label the category or section that follows the planner dashboard.

If you're not entirely sure what to do with planner dashboards in your daily planner, I put a list of planner dashboard ideas at the end of this post. But first, how to make your own planner dashboard.

how to make a planner dashboard

How To Make A Planner Dashboard

You can (and should) shop around for planner dashboards. There are plenty of stationary stores and Etsy shops that make planner dashboards and digital planner dashboard downloads.

But sometimes you want that perfect page, right? And only you can design it.

Dashboards aren't expensive, but they can add up if you buy enough. Buy your own stack of cardstock, vellum, print plastic, or printer paper, and you can print as many dashboards as you like after only paying that one time.

If you choose to do the second option, you might want to glance over these tips for how to make a planner dashboard.

1. Know The Planner Size

I really don't think that I can stress this one enough.

Know your planner size before you take any steps.👏

The planner cover size is often going to be different than the planner's insert size. Know which measurement you're working with before you start designing.

Playing around with measurements and printing again and again is really time consuming. Not to mention annoying.

Here are some common planner sizes. But you should still always double check.

Common Planner Sizes:


Size (in)


5.8 x 8.3


5 x 7