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LYFEfuel Daily Essentials Shake Review

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

While real, whole foods are always the priority, it's great to have supplements and such to help fill in the gaps.

We can't get things perfect all the time—especially when life is busy.

That's why brands like LYFEfuel are my favorite.

They focus on getting clean, whole ingredients into powdered form so that we can get the nutrients we need, whether we're running out the door or not. They understand what's important to get into our bodies and how we should get it.

I recently tested out LYFEfuel's Daily Essentials Shake, and I was surprised at how much I loved it! Whether you just want to mix the powder up quickly with some ice and milk or you're trying to take a regular recipe to the next level without much effort, the Daily Essentials Shake might be for you.

Read on for my LYFEfuel Daily Essentials Shake review to learn a little bit more about it and what I thought when I gave it a try. I also give other LYFEfuel reviews, for their other products, at the end.

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lyfe fuel daily essentials shake review

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What Is The Daily Essentials Shake?

The Daily Essentials Shake is basically what it sounds like—a shake you can make to get all of the nutrients you need for an energizing and focused day.

As most meal replacements shakes aim to do, the Daily Essentials Shake can be used for weight loss if you're looking for complete meals that curb cravings throughout the day.

Simply drinking the shake isn't going to like help you burn calories or something. The point is that you're getting a nutritionally complete nutritional meal instead of something else that's not good for you.

And it fills you up with good stuff, so you stay fuller longer and have consistent energy.

The Daily Essentials shake can help you with your balanced nutrition goals.

So what's inside the Daily Essentials Shake?

The purpose is to give a boost of daily nutrients all in one meal. You're looking at:

  • 25 real whole foods (strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, tart cherries, kale leaves, broccoli sprouts, spirulina, chlorella, and much more)

  • 18g plant-based protein

  • 27 vitamins and minerals

  • B12, D3, K2, Magnesium

  • 3g of carbs

All of these whole foods give you a host of good stuff:

  • antioxidants

  • nutrients

  • protein

  • superfoods

While it can be used as a meal replacement because it has essential vitamins and minerals, it has very minimal calories per serving (110) and a low amount of carbs (3g).

You need a certain amount of calories to function, so make sure you understand your actual dietary needs by working with a nutritionist. Every body is different!

If you're looking to add more healthy foods to your diet, this is a great way to do it. LYFEfuel promises to keep everything super clean, which is huge. Many shakes have fillers in them that may be bad for you.

Is It OK To Eat Meal Replacement Shakes?

Since you might be looking at LYFEfuel weight loss options, it's important to consider your goals and your needs when deciding to drink meal replacement shakes. Or how you want to add them into your eating plan.

Meal replacement shakes are safe when they're made up of healthy ingredients. LYFEfuel clearly has a long list of ingredients that are good for you in numerous waysfrom giving you energy to strengthening your muscles—so it's not doing you harm.

I'm not a nutritionist or qualified to give food advice, but I've always been told that it's important to understand what your unique body needs and how you feel when you eat certain foods.

And of course to get enough food! Make sure that replacing meals with a meal replacement shake isn't a problem for your specific body needs please. 🤍

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LYFEfuel Daily Essentials Shake Review

Let's start with ingredients and what's inside. If you've read the post this far, you can probably guess what I'm going to say.

The Ingredients

LYFEfuel seemed to set out to make the most nutritionally complete powders, and it feels like they delivered.

I haven't scoured the internet comparing ingredients of other essential meal replacement shakes (yet...maybe I should), but the fact remains: you're getting a ton of bang for your buck out of this shake.

Mix it up in 60 seconds and get 27 vitamins and minerals from 25 whole foods? That's a pretty sweet deal.

I'm more of a post-workout protein shake person myself, so I want to point out that LYFEfuel's Recovery Shake (which I drink all the time) is also chock-full of these same ingredients.

It's one of my go-to protein powders for that very reason.

I don't know the science of making foods, but LYFEfuel claims that their process doesn't destroy the critical nutrients that the ingredients offer. They source sustainably and use third-party testing.

Daily Essentials Flavor

Let's be real. This is what you really want to know! :)

I must say that I very, very much enjoyed the flavor of LYFEfuel's Daily Essentials Shake.

If this shake is as simply and cleanly made as they claim, the quality of the flavor really exceeds expectations. I know it's such a stereotype that good food has to taste bad but...come on.

I tried the Vanilla Chai flavor. This flavor was sooo good both with just unsweetened vanilla almond milk and in recipes.

Side note: I love a brand that gives real-world examples of how to use their product. I'm giving LYFEfuel major points in this review just because they included an "Inspiration" section on their website!

There's a bunch of fun LYFEfuel recipes to try.

Side-side note, some thoughts on the "Chai" part of the flavor. I was so excited to try this shake because Chai is one of my favorite flavors, but I couldn't shake some concerning thoughts:

I was once told that basic-flavored protein powders are the way to go.

Why? Because there is always a risk of consuming unwanted, unhealthy ingredients when eating processed foods. Which can be found in artificial flavors sometimes.

The healthiest protein powders limit this risk by having the least ingredients and the most natural ingredients.

Simple protein powder, without fancy flavors and colors, is usually the most healthy because it doesn't require extra ingredients and sweeteners to make it "easy to mix" or "taste like a milkshake."

LYFEfuel displays a commitment to natural, plant-based ingredients, so I'm inclined to think that they're not filling it with a bunch of random goop just to get a Chair flavor.

So while initially hesitant about the "Chai" portion, I was reassured because they only offer this flavor and a chocolate one. Nothing that sounds too crazy and unbelievable as a natural flavor.

I have tried the Chocolate flavor with LYFEfuel's Recovery shake and find it to be tasty without being too rich, which is exactly how I think a chocolate protein powder should be.

Is the LYFEfuel Daily Essentials Shake Worth It?

You know that I'm all for supporting your health dramatically, but I'm also for doing it in a way that is smart for your budget.

That's why I'm going to be real honest about my thoughts on the value of the LYFEfuel Daily Essentials Shake.

And it's a hard one to say, because I think this product is great with all that it gives you in a single serving.

But coming out to over $50.00 for a 1.8lb bag (24 servings) if you subscribe and $60.00 if you buy one-time, the product is a little pricey.

Okay. Those are my inital thoughts. But it comes with a lot of sidenotes, so get ready.

That being said, this is all relative to budget. When I was in my just-graduated-professional-athlete-barely-making-rent stage, a $60 bag of powder wasn't on my radar.

My priorities weren't really there either, so if yours are, even if you're on a budget, it could be right for you. It's up to you!

Plus, 24 meals for $60 is a crazy-good price if you look at it that way. That's technically $2.50 for a whole meal.

Are you drinking the Essentials Shake instead of buying a pricey meal? Something to consider.

All in all, you have to think about what you're getting.

When thinking about...

  • the number of nutrients you're getting

  • the clean quality

  • a good taste

  • what you'd be spending money on instead's easier to think that the value is spot on.

I've given you the low down and my thoughts, do with your cash as you please! If you're dying for high-quality easy-to-cook foods like me, this may be the perfect option anyways.

Get 10% OFF Your LyfeFuel Purchase With Code: MADDIEFUEL10
lyfe fuel daily essentials shake review

The Rest Of LYFEfuel's Product Line

LYFEfuel as a whole has some pretty awesome things going on beyond The Daily Essentials Shake.

The brand has a few specialized products:

The best part is that all of these are focused on sustainability, ethical sourcing, and providing the best ingredients for nourishing your body.

They've got it all. And they taste good, too!

LYFEfuel Recipes

For this LYFEfuel review, I obviously had to try it in a recipe. Like I said before, they have a bunch of recipe ideas on their website. It's great to have that as a resource when you purchase your LYFEfuel.

So how did I use the shake in a recipe?

I tried one of their serving suggestions, Blueberry Protein Pancakes, and added a little of my own taste to it. Loved the result. They were very good!

I'm including a picture of my creation, but please don't judge my pancake shape... I'm working on it.

I added a scoop of peanut butter for the topping (mainly because I didn't have almond butter), put the blueberries inside while making, and used vanilla unsweetend almond milk (because that's what I buy).

Also threw in a handful of chia seeds cause I put them in everything I eat. It was so good and I know that it took my basic pancakes to the next level, giving them a slew of ingredients I wouldn't otherwise have had in that meal.

Lyfefuel recipes

While we're here, I can't forget to mention my own recipe.

I'll follow recipes sometimes, but I mainly grab inspiration from suggested recipes and make it my own with what I have on hand.

I basically did that with the pancakes, even though I followed the LYFEfuel recipe.

This one is significantly less legit, but still very delicious and got in my nutrients!

lyfe fuel daily essentials shake recipes

In Conclusion: Next For Me

I definitely would get the Essentials Shake again!

As a professional runner, I want to effectively replenish after each training session, which is why the Recovery Shake is more so my go-to from the LYFE fuel line.

I love mixing that up quickly after workouts or stirring it directly into my morning oats. It's so good.

I already generally refuel after hard practices with a plant-based protein powder. According to LYFEfuel:

Similar to other plant-based protein supplements with added nutrients, the Recovery Shake contains vitamines & minerals, probiotics, digestive enzymes, Omega 3's, antioxidants, fiber, and more!

The theme of this post has been that LYFEfuel products have a complete list of what you need, if you didn't pick up on that yet. I love that they make that easy for us!

I tried to cover my experience with LYFEfuel's shake as best as I could in this review. Leave a comment below if you have thoughts. I'd love to hear what you think!

And if you're looking to try LYFEfuel, my eagerness to consume the Recovery Protein Shake (that I've mentioned repeatedly throughout this article which isn't about the Recovery Shake) has led to me wanting my readers to try it too.

I believe in it, and I believe that you deserve a little discount on it, too. Re: the value section of this post. So you can try it too with LYFE fuel discount code MADDIEFUEL10.


Get 10% OFF Your LyfeFuel Purchase With Code: MADDIEFUEL10

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