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LYFEfuel Daily Essentials Shake Review

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

I recently tested out this powder supplement, part of a line of products called LYFEfuel. This company's focus is fueling the body with superfoods and plant-based protein, and I was really excited to give it a try!

Especially when I saw they had a "vanilla chai" flavor.

"Chai or cry," I always say.

I was once told that simply flavored protein powders are the way to go. Why? There is always a risk of consuming unwanted, unhealthy ingredients when eating processed foods. The healthiest protein powders limit this risk by having the least ingredients and the most natural ingredients. Simple protein powder, without fancy flavors and colors is usually the most healthy, because it doesn't require extra ingredients and sweeteners to make it "easy to mix" or "taste like a milkshake".

LYFEfuel displays a commitment to natural, plant-based ingredients, and only offers

these simple flavors. While initially hesitant about the "chai" portion, I was reassured because they only offer this flavor and a chocolate one.

This brand has a few specialized products: Supplements: including a super omega and a super probiotic, a Recovery Shake, and a Daily Essentials Shake, which is what I gave a chance to dazzle me! Read below for my response to giving it a try, how I implemented it into my food, and whether or not I'd try out the rest of what LYFEfuel has to over!


Flavor: I must say that I very very much enjoyed this flavor. If this shake is as simply made as they claim, the quality of the flavor really exceeds expectations. I tried the Vanilla Chai flavor, and it was good in recipes and alone with unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Side note: I love a brand that gives real world examples of how to use their product. Major points for including an "Inspiration" section on their website that includes fun recipes to try.

What's Inside: The Essential Shake's purpose is to give a boost of daily nutrients all in one meal. While it can be used as a meal replacement because it has essential vitamins and minerals, it has very minimal calories and I think the best option is to mix it in with other things. I was particularly excited to see that it contains probiotics (helps with immune and gut health) because I've been trying to find ways to add this into my diet!

How'd I use it? Like I said before, recipe ideas really boosted the whole experience for me. I tried one of their serving suggestions, Blueberry Protein Pancakes, and added a little of my own taste to it. Loved the result. They were very good!

I'm including a picture of my creation, but don't judge my pancake shape... I'm working on it. I added a scoop of peanut butter for the topping (mainly because I didn't have almond butter), put the blueberries inside while making, and used vanilla unsweetend almond milk (because that's what I buy). Also threw in a handful of chia seeds.

Can't forget to mention my own recipe. Significantly less legit, but still very delicious and got in my nutrients!

Value: Coming out to over $50.00 for a 1.8lb bag (24 servings), the product is a little pricey. When thinking about the number of nutrients you're getting, the clean quality, and a solid taste, however, you have to think this value is spot on. If you're on a budget like me, there may be better options. If you're dying for high high quality like me, this may be the perfect option anyways.

Next for me: I definitely would get this again! After researching the Recovery Shake, this is definitely something I want to try. As a professional runner, I want to effectively replenish after each training session. I already generally refuel after hard practices with a plant-based protein powder. According to LYFEfuel:

Similar to other plant-based protein supplements with added nutrients, the Recovery Shake contains vitamins & minerals, probiotics, digestive enzymes, Omega 3’s, antioxidants, fiber and more!

I tried to cover most things that I think are helpful when initially learning about a new powder or supplement. Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments or shoot me a message!

Should I do more posts about how I implement powders and supplements into my diet? I love making new, simple recipes and look forward to sharing more!


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