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My Training Trip to West Palm

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

'Twas the week before Christmas and.... I'm in 80 degree weather!

Before you think that's not impressive: my original home is the tundra of upstate NY and I currently train in Washington D.C.- which isn't too warm in the winter itself. Sooooo, my Twelve Days of Christmas this year was each day spent in the Palm Beach area of Florida. My trip was actually only 11 days long...but let's just count that purse I bought myself as the 12th gift. Merry Christmas to me.

I was very excited to get out of the cold for a bit (duh), yet travel is not something I am naturally good at, so I really struggled to get myself into the training trip spirit. I don't care what anyone says, vacation/travel is stressful. A break from regularly scheduled programming. Planning for yourself and others. Separation from your normal crew (in my case, I just mayyy be talking about my dog:]...) It always freaks me out. However, this training trip was so good for me and I'll tell you why:



I got to run fast! I'm by no means saying you can't run fast in colder weather or that I refused to do any speed workouts until I stepped foot in Florida. However, it is easier to run fast in the warmth and I definitely practice better in it. So I was really excited to run short, fast reps in the sun and do some speed endurance workouts. My training for these 10 days was oriented towards getting back into some speedier workouts and I ultimately I was able to gain a lot of confidence from them.

While some days rained, the temperature never dropped below like 69 degrees, and I wouldn't have been that lucky at home.

-Two Short Speed days (both Thursdays I was there):

2x3x25m with exercise rest between sets (ab drills, lunges, toe touches, overhead back medball throws, forward medball throws

2x2x50m with walk back rest between reps,

-Speed Endurance Workout day

2x300m all out speed with full rest between

2x150m all out speed with walk back rest between

This workout burns! My takeways: don't underestimate how strong you are and try to go all out from the begining! I tend to freak out by overthinking it and regret holding back earlier on.


Alone time! My least favorite thing ever! Perhaps this is why my bond to my fur baby is so important to me- when I'm alone, I'm never realllly alone. This trip forced me into a bit of alone time and for once I'm actually grateful for it. Competition season is approaching quick and in my first meet I'm going to run an event I've never attempted before. Lots of thoughts are in my head and with my normal busy days I do a really good job of ignoring them.

Since I work remote, I still kept up with things while on my trip. But most days left a decent amount of time for other stuff. I visited the beach, met up with a friend, did a lot of driving (everything was really spread out)... and still had more time to myself then I normally do. Not worrying about rushing home to walk the dog or working out on a team's schedule resulted in more reflection after hard workouts.

While I took this trip to prepare physically, it did wonders for my mental state- which is just as, if not more, important as we head into the season. Three weeks out from my first race means that I need to keep up with physical training, but also evaluate where my goals are and remember to stay confident.

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