• MK

How to Make the Perfect Brunch Bowl

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

For this week's nutrition and/or recipe post I decided to take a minute to talk about breakfast and brunch bowls!

One, because they are literally the best.

Two, because you all compliment me on my Instagram stories every time I share one! Even as my stomach growls at me angrily; I'm known to spend quiteeeee a bit of time on the final aesthetic of the bowl.

What I'm trying to say is thank you for boosting my bowls.

The final reason I'm writing this post is because my goal here is to share easy, nutritious, and delicious recipe ideas and brunch bowls are allllll of the above. All the time.

Well, always delicious anyways. The easy part depends on if your mindset is "it all goes to the same place" and you aimlessly drop the ingredients into a bowl OR if you're like me, where you outsource a designer and a camera crew to get that perfect insta-worthy pic.

And the nutritious part depends on how much bacon you add. I'm kidding, get that greasy protein if ya want it.


Choose a base.

Nine times out of ten, I'm choosing quinoa. If you don't know how to make quinoa, its exactly like rice. If you don't know how to do that, I'm sorry.

I buy a bulk bag of organic quinoa, this one to be exact, and it lasts a long time. You can also make the quinoa in excess amounts for #mealprep style brunching. I have a tub of pre-made quinoa in my fridge that I will pull from when I need it. (It lasts about a week in the fridge!)

(I feel bad about earlier, so here's an article that explains cooking quinoa that I really like. I have yet to try the toasting option!)

Other ideas:

  • scrambled eggs

  • rice

  • salad (spinach, kale)

  • potatoes (home fry style- diced into bite sized pieces, coated in olive oil, salt and pepper, maybe some rosemary)

These ones are more along the lines of a breakfast bowl (I bet you were wondering the difference), and not the focus of my post, but they are soooo good too:


Top it off.

I'm wondering if putting steps was even necessary. It feels right, so I'm leaving it. Anywho, for this section I'm going to list my absolute favorite toppings to add to a brunch bowl and how I cook them. I encourage you to find yourself through brunch bowls and try them all, mix and match, change the spice, etc. The world is your brunch bowl.


Not only do these taste good, they're good for you. And they look good.


Whoa!! Coming out the gate with fresh new ideas! Not at all, but I can't not write it. My personal favorite is a fried egg, over easy so it breaks into the bowl when I start eating it. I don't love them, but scrambled eggs are an easy and quick option as well. Back to the meal prep theme, hard boiled eggs also last a week in the fridge!


There are several ways to add avocado to your brunch bowl. Slicing it is an art form I have yet to master, so my favorite way to make it is a mash. Scoop the avocado into a bowl, season with salt, pepper, lime juice, and smash it to a mash. Delicious.

Sweet Potato

I love love love a little bit of sweet potato in my breakfast bowl. Besides tasting great, it helps make the meal feel a little bit more substantial. I dice the potato into small pieces and mix it in a bowl with olive oil, salt and pep