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Running Through It (Quarantine Edition) - Podcast On Why It's Not All Negative

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Hi all!

First and foremost, I hope that everyone is staying safe and sane through this crazy time.

Each and every one of us is living a lifestyle that they never saw coming, and probably never have experienced before.

Whether that means working full time from home (doesn't sound toooo shabby in my opinion), weight lifting in the living room (guilty), or having a FaceTime birthday party (me in about a week)...we're all in this together!

madeline kopp podcast pro runners take on quarantine

Quarantine Changes The Sports World

You've noticed the myriad of changes happening in the sports world and likely have been affected by them in some capacity.

The recent announcement that the Tokyo Olympics are being postponed to 2021 has elicited a wide range of responses from athletes all over the world, with "this sucks, but is 100% the right call" being the predominant theme behind them all.

I entirely agree with this sentiment, and have shared some of my thoughts on my very first podcast appearance!

My first thought, when asked to hop on the pod, was "LOL ME?? The person who is terrible at public speaking?! I am going to ruin this show."

My second thought: "I am not the only one whose training has been derailed, and talking about it, sharing information with each other about how we're handling it, is the right thing to do."

All of that is to say, I hope you can see through my babbling and also benefit from some of the advice that has been working for me through all of this.

The link to the podcast is here, thanks for tuning in!

Too Long, Didn't Read- I Mean Listen

TLDL: (too long, didn't listen) Is this a thing?

Not sure, but I wanted to highlight some things from the podcast in case you really don't have time to make it through the 20 min of me speaking.

BUT, it's not nearly all here, (and I know you have 15-20 free minutes, pause that Netflix!) so you for sure should listen and check out the rest of Justin's episodes.

Either way, here are some takeaways from the podcast episode:

Justin: Do you have any advice for general runners and those training through this time at home?

Me: I guess I would say, ask yourself in what ways can I come out of this better. I've been thinking a lot about this and we've been talking about it with our coach. Literally, anything you can think of to do during this time that would help you to be better at the end of it all.

I'm trying to pick up other habits that I don't necessarily focus on at other times because I have other things going on. Whether that's like recovery things, or more core, or more mental things. I feel like I have more time to journal or... not meditate... but that type of thing.

I normally like, push that aside for other life activities. And now, when we can't do other things, this is a good time to develop those habits and I've been thinking a lot about that.

Also, I would say, like we talked about before, just focusing on what you can control, which goes hand in hand with those.

And I would also say, sorry this is like so much advice, [see babbling, I told you ^], but I would also say thinking about how we can support others during this time, like doing your best to support other people... it's kind of comforting how we can all help each other and thinking about other people who are going through things during this kind of helps motivate me to get through it.

Justin: Yeah, we're all in this together. And it's kind of isolating because everyone is alone with not as much interaction for the most part. It's important to not just retreat into yourself during all of this.

Me: Yeah definitely. There's a lot of, on social media and the internet, challenges and things for people to get going. I know Under Armour is doing one, where every person who signs up for the challenge, they donate to a good cause. There's a lot of those things happening around so if you search for those it kind of makes us all feel like a community and doing things for each other.

Justin: Yeah, you can find accountability. That's the good thing about the running community.

Me: Yeah it's so motivating for me, like another reason I haven't been too stressed about all of this, is because I'm motivated by watching other people inspire others and do things for other people.

I feel even though a lot of bad has happened, we've seen a lot of good come from all that. That's really inspiring for me to keep going.

In Conclusion

Completely not included in my wonderful transcription here are the 9,000 "Um, like"s that came out of my mouth throughout the entirety of this exchange.

Yikes. Someone send me an affordable public speaking class option.


Thanks for reading and tuning in!

Stay healthy, happy, and fit, and keep your eyes peeled for ways you can help others drastically affected during this time.


running through it podcast - madeline kopp track and field

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