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Tips For Working Out In Quarantine

Updated: Apr 16

Tips For Staying Active During Quarantine (When You Don't Want To)

Hey #Quaranteam !

I know you're being bombarded by a slew of at-home workouts on social media each and every day of quarantine.

And you might not need another one.

So what am I going to do? That's right.

Give you another one.

You're oh-so-very-welcome.

It didn't take long for 85% of the population to go absolutely bonkers and resort to posting in excess. We can't even be surprised—we're ALL used to doing so much in life. (Too much, if you ask my pickier personality, Sassy Maddie).

But I'm going to give you so much more than a workout. If you're anything like me you've been hella inspired by all of the at-home workouts and exercise tips and motivational posts that have been circulating during quarantine.

Which is why I have this little clip of some apartment-friendly exercises for you to try.

But the other purpose of this post is to give you some bite-sized tips for staying active during quarantine.

Because let's be honest. Yes, we're all a little stir-crazy and bored. But we're also frequently facing a huge lack of motivation stimulated by all of the chaos that is going on. And that's okay. Process things as you must.

But your body wants you to move, okay? Treat it goooood. So here are some tips to make it happen.

1. Shift Your Perspective

Do you feel like things are kinda out of your control right now? You're not alone on that one!

And when it feels like we have zero control of things, we start acting a little weird. Maybe you latch onto something random to control and go overboard on that.

Or maybe you just give up on it all.

One way to feel back in control of what's going on and find the motivation to workout during quarantine is to shift your perspective from:

I can't do all these things right now and that's not good for progress.

to something like:

I can do all these things right now and that's going to make me better.

Ask yourself what you can do to come out of the other side of quarantine better. Maybe you can't work on your power clean max like you wanted to this year because gyms are closed.

But how about getting your core stronger? Working on balance? Shift your fitness goals to what you can do right now—bonus points if it's something you've kind of pushed off when you were "busy" and never felt motivated to make time for.

Now you have the time!

2. Make Up Some Circuits

This is one of the many tricks I use to get through cross-training days.

Cross-training workouts are a must because the body needs a break from the high impact of running and this way you can build up volume/endurance without actually running.

But man are they boring.

I usually hate it, to be honest.

So what I did was turn my bike workouts into intervals separated by exercises to break up the monotony of the cross-training workout. And *bonus*...it adds in a little strength and mobility work.