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What Quarantine & Injury Break Taught Me: "Post-Covid" Training Update

Updated: May 2

"Post-Covid" Training Update

Hey friends! Long time, no training update.

But good news! After my last update, things have seriously started to look up!

Outside of being sick for a month and taking like 4 ...(!?)... months off from my typical training load, basically everything in the world seems to be topsy turvy these days.

With that, the meaning of "fitness," "training," "athletic goals," and almost every other word in this category has gone through a major whirlwind of changes during the past several months.

But, I wouldn't necessarily say this is a bad thing.

For me personally, the opportunity to step ALL the way back and look at fitness from a broader perspective was actually very beneficial.

In a typical year, fitness means track and field performance. Period.

The times I run and nothing (or very little) else.

Around mid-end of July, I was home visiting my parents (because of quarantine I had no reason to be anywhere so I went home), and I was at long last feeling good enough to get back to "serious" running and build my way back up.

I still remember the shock I felt when the response I got from my coach was:

"Build back up and enjoy exercising."

That was it. No routine to follow, no mileage to hit, no times to record.

Enjoy exercising?

Excuse me?

Yes, I love my job as a runner, but at the end of the day that's what it is, a job.

This isn't just a hobby with no consequence, it's my passion, my goals, my p̶a̶r̶t̶ full time job.

That leads me to lesson number 1:

Injury Lesson Number One: A Break Isn't Always A Bad Thing.

I had been sidelined for so long and my coach wanted me to just chill and have fun?!

That sounds crazy!

Then the realization hit me: the very fact that I didn't know where to begin to have "fun with fitness" meant that was exactly what I needed to do.

When else during this crazy professional track journey would I ever have such an extended opportunity to do this?

Probably never.

So for the two months I was at home, I chose my own training route and just listened to my body and soul.

I had felt that I was ready to jump right back into normal trainingall the time on the couch had me eagerly itching to gobut it turns out this was just what I needed.

With the outpouring of home workouts and new ideas we all saw from the fitness world during quarantine, I had already been taking advantage of new core routines and other fun things to do in the house.

Now, I was literally doing YouTube home dance workouts on top of other circuits and routines I had been trying, and having a blast!

Seriously. Go on YouTube and try some dance routines.

I love Madfit's Tik Tok song dance workouts. So fun.

And terrible-looking when I do it.

But that's okay.

I ran when I felt good.

I took days off when I was feeling extra tired.

I swam. I did circuits. I went on hikes all across upstate New York.

I focused on the imbalances that I knew I had, like:

  • oblique core strength

  • glute strength, and

  • balance skills.

(Shout out to the Bosu ball that I ordered).

It really was fun to find ways to exercise outside of track workouts and have time/energy to really nitpick the little thing I needed to work on.

I still mimicked my typical track workouts several times as well, because I enjoy running. But it wasn't because I was being timed, or had a race coming up, it was just to get fit and feel good.